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Latest changes and updates to PIXMO

13 December 2023


💪 Now available


[new]: Bulk delete images. You can now bulk-delete images, which will also bulk-delete the matches associated with those images.
[new]: Whitelist websites: You can now whitelist full websites so that matches do not show up for those sites you approve. Please add whitelisted sites first. This will not delete any matches that already happened for those sites.

[fix]: Fixed an issue where the matched images were showing duplicates for some images.
[fix]: Fixed an issue where a image was uploaded, but showed a different image that was from the user's account.

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11 November 2023


💪 Now available

[new]: Images that are deleted will also delete the match records from the system.
[new]: images deleted will also now be purged from our server, allowing pixmo to save cost on storage.

[fix]: When a image is deleted it was not reflecting the image monitor counter in settings. It now will remove the image from the amount of monitored images your account has.

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09 November 2023


💪 Now available

[new]: When images are uploaded to pixmo, they are automatically compressed improving the upload speeds.

[fix]: Fixed the ability to upload images into folders.
[fix]: Fixed the issue with deleting images. Still has 30-day limit.
[fix]: Fixed an issue with deleting older images that should be able to be deleted.
[fix]: Minor adjustments to Google Cloud API for improvements on search.
[fix]: Fixed an issue with users not being able to send out invites to their team (specifc users issue)
[fix]: Fixed an issue where images were showing up on our DB as corrupt.
[fix]: Fixed an issue where the load time for image upload was slow.


  1. We are now working on full website whitelisting.
  2. Ability to bulk-delete images by selecting multiple.

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